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“My mission has always been to create a business that would directly benefit people and their communities in positive ways. Being a CPA has allowed me to continue that mission since 2005.”

– Katy LaBarbera, CPA


At Katy LaBarbera CPA, we’re passionate about serving the people and businesses of NC. Service is at the very heart of what we do. This commitment to benefitting people and NC businesses began as Katy was a child growing up on a farm in Indiana. These priorities have never wavered, which is what makes Katy one of the leading CPAs in the area still today.


“Past is the prologue that sparked a passion for me and is still the primary driver behind the services we offer to our clients.

I grew up on a farm in Indiana with the embodiment of effort, reward, and community surrounding me. At the age of 16, I moved to Greenville, NC where I attended and graduated from East Carolina University. I passed the CPA exam on my first try and was awarded my CPA license in 2000.

I opened Katy LaBarbera & Co. in 2005 after eight years of learning and aspiration through firms in Greenville and Washington. This dream would not have happened without the inspiration and guidance of Barbara LaBarbera and her husband, Sonny. My in-laws ran successful businesses and involved their families in all aspects. I admired their flexibility, creativity, and grit… but most of all, I learned how to build lasting relationships and serve a community.

In November of 2007, I moved into my office – the same room where Barbara and Sonny had their “shop”, as they referred to it. Continuing their legacy while embracing my early upbringing in Indiana is why I walk into the office every day and deliver trusted services with a passion and vision for growth.”

CPAs Boost Growth & Profitability

Farms Require a CPA With Experience In The Farming Industry

Farms play a vital role in our economy and society, providing food and other resources for communities across the country. However, running a farm can be a complex and challenging endeavor, with many unique aspects that must be considered in order to be successful. One key aspect of successfully running a farm is working with a CPA who has expertise in the unique aspects of farming businesses.

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I cannot speak highly enough about Katy and her office. From the quality of work, following through on anything ever promised, thoroughness, to just being an awesome human! I wouldn't trust my financials with anyone other than Katy and feel so blessed to have been introduced to her over 15 years of business ago!

Ashton James

We have been with Katy for over 14 years, since we started our business. She has be amazing since we began and has continued to support us over the years. As a small business owner it means a lot when you have someone you can count on and trust. She is very professional and always responds quickly to help us with anything we need for our business or any other ventures we may have. Always a bonus that she has amazing staff helping her as well.

Karen Beacham

I cannot say enough positive things about Katy LaBarbera and her staff. I have been a client of Katy’s since she ventured out on her own. As a business owner it is important for me to have people in my corner that I can count on for advice as needed. Katy always makes herself available even during her busiest times of the year. She and her team make running a business that much easier. With my latest venture I knew it was going to require much more assistance from her than I have needed in the past and she has been with me through it all. She and her team handle not only my tax issues but payroll, IRS filings, Vehicle filings, Employee benefits/deductions, and feel like they are in our office as a part of the team. Without the services she provides I couldn’t take on the business ventures that I continue to do. Trust, confidentiality, and yes sometimes a shoulder to lean on are all things that Katy has done and continues to do for me. She is one of the smartest people I know and her advice is always welcome even when it’s not something you necessarily want to hear. Having Katy in my corner helps the day to day headaches that much easier!

Daniel Bergevin, President, David’s Trash Service

Finally an accountant who actually answers your question with an understandable answer and isn't afraid to give usable advice.

Vera Boseman, The Shutter Factory, Inc.

Katy LaBarbera has been my go-to-CPA and business consultant for several years. I rely on Katy and her team of experienced CPAs to manage my payroll, provide tax services, and consult with me on how to improve my business’s profitability. I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided.  

Tracy Tuten, Brandacity Inc.
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